Let’s Play - GTA V - Splat X

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*clicks play* *video is longer than 6 seconds* hell nah son

imagemore like hell yeah son

the standards are different for our fandom because we are strong

Shit son, anyone who’s not in the RT fandom has weak YouTube game


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Anonymous → lmao joel mchale's prom picture

pretty much the best picture 


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I’ve been MIA for the last week or so but I’m back. My brother has been in town for the first time in almost 10 years so I’ve been trying to spend as much as possible with him. And I also got a job finally! No more unemployment for me, thank goddd! Even better, it’s full time and has benefits!

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greendale seven appreciation week(s): day five
study group scene that made you cry: troy’s goodbye (S05E05)

Come sail away with me…
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Oh, you were never in college.”

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